The Salumificio Valpolicella is a depositary of the history, culture and mainly rural economy of Lessinia, the land of its origins, where it started business in the early 1900s. The company is still a family-run concern, united by an in-born love for the land and its fruits, and has dedicated generation after generation to the growth and development of the pork butchery trade, strongly bound to the traditions and crafts of pig rearing and processing.


Over time, the business has evolved and expanded, without compromising its traditions and family history, but by adopting a well-balanced combination of modern technologies and advanced control systems.  In this way, the Salumificio Valpolicella is not only able to assure constant, certified quality standards, but also to punctually respond to the concrete demands of an increasingly selective market.


Today, this long-standing passion for the attentive, traditional processing of pork meat translates  into the ability to provide a guarantee of assured quality. Great attention is paid to the genuine nature of each product, and resources are also used upstream of the production chain through the direct management of breeding farms, where traditional pig breeds are selected and reared in a healthy, well-balanced way. > the company