Salumificio Valpolicella’s cooked hams are distinguished by their delicate and tender flavour that pervades the palate. To create these gastronomic masterpieces, the entire preparation process is performed at a carefully measured pace: the raw materials are carefully selected and subjected to a slow and precise massaging process that proceeds until the herbs and spices of the cure have been fully absorbed.
And the cooking process is conducted just as slowly, in compliance with the most exacting quality standards to be sure consumers receive a distinctive product with exquisite flavour and aroma.
Each stage of the production and preparation process is conducted strictly in accordance with the simple recipes of times gone by, so we know we are providing consumers with wholesome, genuine and delicious hams.
In particular, with its reduced salt contents, our Valbuono ham has an exceptionally sweet and fragrant flavour and is extremely easy to digest. The production process is performed at a leisurely pace using time honoured artisanal techniques, without the addition of any type of replacement ingredients.


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